Fires, Floods, Cyclones, Snow Storms, Volcanos, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, what is the world coming to?

Recently we have seen natural disasters which have crippled many nations in the world. In a period of only two and a half months, we saw tragedy follow tragedy – why? Is it because of human induced global warming? Are we the cause of these things? Has the excesses of our greed brought with it dire natural consequences? Were The Mayans right? Is it the end of the world? There is an answer, but science will not accept it – the answer to this was predicted over 2000 years ago. God’s word; the Bible, speaks to us today – telling what is going to happen in this period of history.  It is happening just as God predicted. In fact, Jesus told his disciples that he would return to this earth to set up God’s kingdom, but before he did, certain things would happen. In the gospel writings of Luke, in the 21st chapter verses 24-27, he states that the world will be in turmoil at a time when the Jews had returned to the land of Israel.

We are living in these times when Jerusalem is back in the hands of God’s people the Jews; we saw that happen in 1967 & 1974. Since that time the world has been increasingly becoming more dramatic in the magnitude and power of its natural disasters, and also the increase in insecurity of the people because of civil and international wars. Recently we have also seen an increase in civil war throughout Africa and the Middle East. As verse 27 says; THEN we will see the return of Jesus to fill this earth with his power and God’s glory.

The Prophet Daniel also saw this (Daniel 12) – he was talking about the time when Jesus would return also, and he speaks of it as a time of trouble. But he also gives the answer – Jesus will reign on EARTH in a peaceful time when all people will live in harmony and none will make them afraid (Micah 4: 1-4), when food will be plentiful (Joel 3:18), when the world will be ruled and judged righteously (Psalm 72), and it will be filled with God’s Glory (Habakkuk 2:14).

By a careful reading of God’s Word, you too can see how things will turn out, but not as the majority of the world sees – no way out, but an end to the turmoils of the earth, all, natural, political and spiritual, will be destroyed under the command of the Son of God – Jesus Christ.

This is no Mayan myth, no crack-pot prediction, but the simple truth as found in God’s word, the Bible, which is found in most homes but hardly ever opened. It holds the key to peace of mind, and comfort and hope in a world increasingly living in fear of yet another natural disaster, another political upheaval, which will make living in our society even more difficult. God has given us the answers; we need to search it out.

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